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Author Stu Chisholm brings his book, Knowing Guns, to GLEPE

30 January

We are proud to welcome Stu Chisholm, author of Knowing Guns: The Ins & Outs of Firearms & Firearms Politics for the Uninitiated, to the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo.

Stu will be signing copies of his book and educating attendees on important information relating to the politics of owning firearms.

With the complicated responsibilities and emotions attached to the topic of firearm ownership, emotions and misinformation can run wild. There are a number of laws and debates over gun control, and Knowing Guns looks to answer some of the more pressing questions as honestly and clearly as possible.

Politics and controversy aside, firearms can be both a means for self-defense and recreational objects, depending on how they’re used. Guns are a hot topic that is important to address with pure facts and unbiased opinions.

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On the topic of preparedness, understanding the politics of personal safety and human rights can translate into a number of topics within the minds of doomsday preppers and the general public. It becomes a discussion about living and dying, freedom and perseverance, and keeping yourself and your family safe.

Stu Chisholm’s book is about gathering the right information and deciding if guns are worth your consideration, and works to remove the political propaganda and emotion from the equation. Approaching these dire concepts, even beyond firearms, is an important mindset in preparing for the worst possible scenarios.

The book comes complete with annotations and citations, even a suggested reading list to further expand your knowledge of the topics presented and understanding firearms on your own terms.

Furthermore, Stu is a sound specialist and DJ by trade, and will be providing the PA system and sound setup for the presenters at this year’s show. We are happy to welcome his expertise in bringing the best quality in relaying our speakers and their backgrounds, knowledge, and advice to all of those in attendance.

For more information about Knowing Guns: The Ins & outs of Firearms and Firearms Politics for the Uninitiated, visit the AmmoLand link HERE. It covers the book’s description and content in more detail.

If you’re interested in ordering your very own copy of Stu’s book, which is available in paperback or e-book, visit the Amazon link HERE. Knowing Guns is also available for Kindle HERE.

For signed copies, you can email Stu directly at Be sure to visit table #724 (next to Youngevity) to meet with Stu Chisholm and discuss the significance of firearms and preparedness!

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