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The Blade Runner Signs for for GLEPE April 2014

16 December

We are proud to welcome our first new exhibitor to GLEPE in April 2014, The Blade Runner!

This exhibitor is an independent knife and blade specialist with years of experience in offering self-defense and blade skill knowledge and advice, while also selling the highest quality

The following is some insight from The Blade Runner for the upcoming GLEPE show:

“I first got interested in knives as a street cop in Detroit (armpit of the country) when I was attacked and injured by a knife wielding gang-banger. When I recovered I took knife fighting classes to learn how to better handle it next time and that in turn led to my love of knives in general and from there, buying, selling and trading to make a buck.

Ask any survival expert from Bear Grills & Les Stroud of TV fame to those who write articles for survival, outdoor, backpacking, and hiking magazines if they could only take one thing with them into a situation, all without exception would say “my knife.” The knives the experts would choose would undoubtedly vary between them. That being said, all without exception would be quality knives. Look into the average preppers pocket, get home kit, vehicle glove box or bug out bag at home and you will usually find either nothing or a cheap, no brand Chinese made, mass produced, stamped, stainless steel knife. The tool that is acknowledged as the most important and on which their very lives may depend is a piece of junk.

 A cheap knife is better than no knife. I really hate saying that but it’s true and preppers need above all to be practical with their choices. If you are destitute financially and don’t have a knife at all, then buy a $5 knife if that’s all you can afford because it really is better than nothing. For everyone else though, seriously, what were you thinking? Being practical is critical for a prepper so if you are going to insist on quality in anything you buy, it should be your knives.

There is no shortage of people selling knives at gun and knife shows and most of them don’t know anything more than what they paid for it and what they have to sell it for to make a buck. For preppers, it’s different. You may depend on this knife for your very life or the lives of your family and in fact, that’s why you are buying it.

This isn’t going to be a fantasy blade that will hang on a teenager’s bedroom wall and look cool or an old man’s whittling knife to pass the time with. This is a very serious choice and as your Blade Runner, my purpose is to educate you about your choices so you can make a sensible and practical decision. You can pay from $5 to $5,000, but with Blade Runner, the emphasis is on being pragmatic.

Stop by and talk and we’ll see if I have what’s best for you. My table will be set up as an educational tool to assist you. If I don’t have what you need, at least I can tell you what you should get from somewhere else. There will be no BS or sales pitch in order to make a buck, just some honest advice because I know your life may depend on your knife someday.”

For more information about The Blade Runner, call (989) 745-5469 or visit them at booth #526 at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo on Saturday, April 19!

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