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From BugOut MAG! Prepping with Pets

19 February

Prepping with Pets In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for the average individual to prepare for disaster. Prepping a shelter, stockpiling food and water, creating a kit of emergency supplies and developing an evacuation plan are a few things you can do in case something goes wrong. Yet if a worse-case scenario happens, do you […]

GLEPE Dimondale Speakers

17 February

Here at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo we know that knowledge and skills can go a lot farther than any supplies. Therefore we are proud to announce some of our guest speakers at the Summit Sports & Ice Complex in Dimondale, MI. Don’t Stop Prepping Now That the Election is Over Now that the […]

GLEPE is coming to Dimondale!

06 December

Are you ready for GLEPE in Dimondale, MI? We’re already preparing for our next Great Lakes Preparedness Expo, to be held in Dimondale, Michigan! GLEPE will be held April 1, 2017 at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex in Dimondale, near Lansing. Exhibitors interested in a booth at the event can browse the floorplan to see what […]