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Bosnia War Survivor Warns of Things to Come in Collapse of America – Preppers Beware

09 May

man shadows bosnia flagWe’ve come across a very invigorating, informative article on the true essence of human nature in the face of a doomsday scenario. Everything we’ve come to expect about placing the “prepper” tag on ourselves or others changes, even the slightest amount, when reading about the experiences of a Bosnian war survivor. His story, coupled with a well-documented article on important survival choices and their consequences

Here’s a following expert from the NaturalNews article reporting the story:

“(NaturalNews) We are republishing two important stories here (with links to original sources) that you need to read. The first is a report from a man who survived the war in Bosnia. Although the source of this cannot be confirmed, the advice is extremely valuable regardless.

The second story, appended to the bottom of this article, lists 35 excuses that will get you killed if you fail to prepare for what’s coming. This was originally published on and is sourced below.

Read both of these articles if you want to live.”

For the full articles and more information on the reality of a true doomsday scenario, visit:
Original Article:


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