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28 September

10:00 The First 72 Hours
Presented by Live Free USA
This presentation examines the critical actions, skills and equipment a survivor needs from the first second through the first hours and days of a disaster. The program is based on studies of human behavior and analysis of disasters.

10:45 Safe Canning & Food Storage
Presented by Diane Devereux “The Canning Diva”
Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva® shares tips, tricks and instructions on how to safely preserve food for long-term storage.  She will teach you how to have a ready-made food source on hand for any type of disaster.  Learn many cost saving techniques for water bathing, pressure canning, dehydrating and dry-food storage in this informative presentation by The Canning Diva®.

11:30 Prepping on a Budget
Presented by “Granny Prep”
Prepping doesn’t have to be expensive. I will show you how to put together a good kit using items purchased at dollar and discount stores. If you have little or no knowledge of preparing for an emergency you need this presentation.  If you are seasoned in preparedness you might remember something you forgot.

12:15 Crisis and Disaster Evaluation in Your Immediate Area
Presented by Kaz Vs Wild
As disasters continue to pileup in 2017, having a plan of action is greater now than ever before. Part of that plan is knowledge of knowing the risk factors related to the dangers in your backyard; which include your immediate and regional area. Kaz will explain risk factors, adversity levels, and possible escape routes from highly populated areas.

1:00 Wilderness Survival Basics & Bug-Out Bags
Presented by Midwest Native Survival School
Tom Laskowski, often referred to as “The Voice of Reason” when it comes to Survival and Self Reliance will be speaking on what you really need in a critical survival situation as well as how a “Bug out Bag” just might make a survival situation into nearly a “Club Med” experience.  Bring your questions since time will be set aside to get personal suggestions and advice.

1:45 The Power of Our Beliefs
Presented by Great Lakes Self Reliance
We all have “Limiting Beliefs” and these limits which define our reality could mean the difference between Surviving a Disaster or NOT.  What really happens in the “Placebo Effect”?  Does “Mind over Matter” really work… and for what?  You have to see this presentation to believe it.

2:45 Crime Prevention is NOT Self-Defense
Presented by PPT Lifestyle
“Self-defense”, is a physical assault oriented practice.  Crime prevention covers all of the different aspects of crime, including identity theft, home invasions, scams, auto theft, travel safety and more, and education in the legal, financial and psychological effects on individuals or businesses.  Prevention has to be a part of how you live every day.

3:30 Solar Energy: Self-Sufficiency, Security, and Savings
Presented by The Solar Surrogate
Learn how solar can protect your family and property while saving money. We’ll explain solar system styles for residential grid-connected and off-grid solar systems.

9:30 Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver
Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver Presented by Michael Clark
Health and Skin Care What is Colloidal Silver? This presentation will cover the various benefits it provides for the body, skin and hair. As well as show you how it is made, what it and its bacteria and germ-killing qualities.

11:15 Production Bowhunting, Beyond Common Knowledge
Presented by Slice-A-Life Archery
Edward Flanagan will take you to the advanced world of sound-masking, shot silencing,and calling with traveling motion. This one of a kind educational video power point will inspire a new level of understanding in the world of bow hunting. It’s time to leave the old primitive mindset, and advance past the arrogant.

12:00 Essential Oils & You!
Presented by Christel with Restoring Abundance & Young Living
Essential Oils have millions of uses in our world. I will share with you the beginnings, so you know how to get started and revolutionize your wellness! This will be a quick class and you will go home with lots of ways to use your essential oils!

12:45 Composting Toilets
Presented by Greg from Earthways Environmental
Their applications, how they work & solving problems. Off grid installation and emergency scenarios.
1:30 Raising Alpacas Presented by Running Wild Alpacas A discussion about raising Alpacas and the many uses of their wool.

2:15 Amateur Radio in Emergencies
Presented SVARA
Basic intro to Amateur Radio Operation. We will discuss the benefits of Amateur Radios and everyday life.

3:00 Heirloom Seeds
Presented by Ark Seed
Learn information on the benefits of growing your own food from all natural non GMO heirloom seeds.


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