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23 March


How to Choose the Right Knives for You
Presented  by Chad Margita with The Blade Runner
Don’t let well-meaning friends or self-proclaimed knife experts tell you what knives are best for you. Educate yourself with enough basic information to choose your own knives. If you aren’t wealthy and you are a prepper, you’ve got to get the best bang for your buck. To do that you need some basic facts about knives so you can make the best choices for yourself and your family. This important 30 minute seminar covers blade metallurgy and knife construction, types of knives and the choices you face when selecting the knives your family’s lives may depend on.


Preparing for Wellness
Presented by Marc Fuller with Young Living
Maintain vitality and a high frequency with Young Living Essential Oils and a wellness lifestyle. Use Essential oils in emergency situations.


Surviving Without the Grocery Store
Presented by Jason Hebert Wilderness & Outdoor Writer
Modern day homesteader Jason Herbert hates going to the grocery store. When an emergency happens, Jason plans to continue providing for his family of six the way he always has, by hunting, fishing, farming, gardening and foraging. Join Jason as he discusses inexpensive ways for any family to visit the grocery store less and be better prepared for an emergency.


The Threats Are Real, When To Bug Out
Presented by Kaz from Kaz Vs Wild
Man made threats: nuclear reactors, the oil pipelines running through the Great Lakes. National, regional and local events. When to Bug Out. Why it is, or isn’t, possible and what are the critical circumstances. Winter Bug Out gear review.


Self Reliance
Presented by Chris B with Great Lakes Self Reliance


Tom Laskowski with Midwest Native Skills
MNSI is a non-military Self-Reliance/Wilderness Survival School that is going into its19 year in business. We were selected by American Survival Guide as one of the top 5 Survival Schools in the country and stress comprehensive training combined with small class size and a high student to instructor ratio. Our classes range from Edible & Medicinal Plan Classes to Wilderness Survival to Lost Art Skills like Soap making, Cheese making, Canning and Wine making.


Latest Gun Laws and Safety
Presented by J. Henry Lievens Attorney

(Corrections have been made to accommodate speaker schedule changes.)

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