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GLEPE Welcomes Back Survival Quarterly

10 February

Survival Quarterly, a renowned publication covering survival and preparedness concepts and, Representing a large media outlet within survival communities across the globe, we are excited to bring a league of devoted, experienced, articulate knowledge and documented travels to the show.

Stop by the Survival Quarterly Magazine booth near the show entrance and meet Associate Editor Joshua Swanagon to find out more about the industry-leading magazine, as well as the world-renowned and Hoods Woods Video Productions.

Swanagon will also have information about his school Urban Defense Institute, his knife the Backwoods Skinner available through TOPS Knives, and his radio show “Keeping It Real: Urban Survival for the Real World” available on The Preparedness Radio Network. He will have many great products, magazines and information about some of the great services available through his other outlets.

Editor in Chief Karen Hood, owner and operator of and, has years of active and insider experience for facing outdoor environments. With her husband, the late Ron Hood, a legend in expeditionary skills teaching and practice, Karen has documented and promoted the ideals of being self-reliant, and the valuable skills associating with adventuring and exploring the great beyond.

Ron and Karen Hood have both been featured on numerous documentaries and television specials showcasing their life’s work, and for GLEPE, this is an enormous contribution for exhibitors to further their understanding of legitimate, world-renowned survival knowledge. Coupled with the complete roster of exhibitors, speakers and personalities with ties to what it means to be prepared and capable in the event of an emergency or survival situation, attendees will learn from the best.

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For their most current installments, Karen describes the “Knives and Tools” issue, and the information covered:

“I published this 2 part magazine because I LOVE knives and tools. I USE knives and tools, and I NEED knives and tools to do what I do.  Even kids need tools. Have you ever seen a classroom school supply list that doesn’t include a pair of scissors? Well… that’s a tool.  Think about the medical profession… where would they be without the proper tools? I know this magazine is generally about outdoor/wilderness survival related issues, but knives and tools are a VERY important part of ALL of our lives whether it’s in the outdoors, classroom, doctor’s office, kitchen, garage, workplace….YOU name it and there’s a tool associated with it.

Tools and Blades are just… cool. MAKING tools and blades is just…cool. There are so many ways to make a blade and so many different steels. Each steel has different attributes; some are better for chopping, some are better for wet climates and some are better and stronger for tools such as pry bars. There are so many things that go into making knives and tools. There is more that goes into making knives and tools than just design; there are things like material selection, application of the tool, environment of the tool (wet or dry??), how much force can the tool handle for the job it is intended to do, what handle materials would be best, will it be economical enough to sell at a reasonable price, who will manufacture it? Will it work? And the list goes on. There is A LOT that goes into making a quality product.

Even if you don’t want to start making knives, this issue will definitely bring more respect and understanding to those who DO make good knives and who do such a wonderful job creating these useful and sometimes beautiful blades and tools!”

The compiled expertise and knowledge with Survival Quarterly and its partners are a fundamental addition to GLEPE and

To learn more about Hoods Woods and Survival Quarterly, visit their websites (,, Facebook, Twitter) and be sure to visit us this April for a first-hand look at the best in emergency preparedness. Hope to see you there!

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