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GLEPE Welcomes Bill Montgomery to the Expo!

16 October

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is happy to welcome Bill Montgomery as an exhibitor. Bill is a proprietor or Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs) and has several years’ experience in researching the latest in MRE technology, methodology, and implementation.

The topic of dehydrated and custom-designed MREs’ to offer caloric sustenance in the event of a disaster or survival situation. The purpose of MRE is to keep you fed and energized, which is arguably the most important element of survival. Everyone should have some form of MRE backup plan when refrigerators and grocery stores are unavailable.

Bill takes a very devoted approach to researching and obtaining the freshest, highest quality MREs throughout the United States. He considers all elements of these products, particularly how they’re stored and packaged. This element of the MRE can make the difference between a fulfilling meal that provides energy and nourishment all day, and a slimmed down version that only lasts a few hours.

Another important element of obtaining the best MREs is finding as complete a daily kit as possible, avoiding slimmed down versions of them. True Meals are designed to last all day, giving you the most out of each part of the package.

Some include small heat sources and special packaging to accommodate other elements of essential emergency preparedness theories, such as the option to eat them cold as to not attract unnecessary attention from animals or other scavengers.

Bill Montgomery is a veteran who has devoted time and energy into selling the best MREs available on the market, practicing a number of shipping and packaging options as well as gathering a large understanding of emergency tactics and knowledge in using them and preparing for an emergency.

For more information about Bill Montgomery and the many varieties of Meals Ready-to-Eat, be sure to visit him at table #304 at this Saturday’s Expo!

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