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GLEPE Welcomes Global Underground Shelters to the Show

18 October

GUS_5We are proud to welcome an enormous addition to the Expo in Global Underground Shelters. G.U.S. has a large background in preparing for, theorizing, and understanding what it takes to be truly prepared for an emergency or disaster, and GLEPE is very thankful to have such a large number of businesses, individuals and organizations dedicated to providing the best in quality products and information to help you be prepared too!

When we imagine ourselves facing a looming disaster or apocalypse-type situations, odds are the thought of finding shelter in an underground bunker or bomb shelter crossed our minds. Well, that’s what G.U.S. does; they provide courses and actual shelters to the public in hopes of showing that such a survival tool is not out of your reach.


G.U.S offers a number of unique courses which test each individuals comfort zone and mental state while subjected to a mock doomsday catastrophe. There are 8-hour, 1-day, and 3-5 day courses, each with different amenities and tests to determine the true experience in owning and taking refuge in an authentic underground shelter. For anyone curious as to what it is really like to own and live in a bunker/shelter, this is a must-do experience (pricing and experience vary per amenities, shelter site and geographical location).

Several educational institutions and field studies show that Americans, in general, are drastically under-prepared for a large-scale emergency, and it’s crucial to think about several elements in actually preparing for an emergency.

Visit the Global Underground Shelters website HERE and check out their Facebook page for more information on their business and presence at GLEPE!

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