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Global Underground Shelters, Prepper’s Depot and Global Cannery coming to GLEPE

08 April

We are proud to welcome back Global Underground Shelters to our April show. G.U.S. has a large background in preparing for, theorizing, and understanding what it takes to be truly prepared for an emergency or disaster, and GLEPE is very thankful to have such a large number of businesses, individuals and organizations dedicated to providing the best in quality products and information to help you be prepared too!


When we imagine ourselves facing a looming disaster or apocalypse-type situations, odds are the thought of finding shelter in an underground bunker or bomb shelter crossed our minds. Well, that’s what G.U.S. does; they provide courses and sell shelters to the public in hopes of showing that such a survival tool is not out of your reach.

Global Underground Shelters, Inc. is located in central Michigan, where it has developed and tested their design in the thick of hammering Michigan weather conditions  throughout the year.  For almost fourteen years, G.U.S. has developed many styles and prototypes of shelters, both above and below ground. At Global Underground Shelters their most popular shelters are designed using shipping containers, which can be modified to withstand a global catastrophe.

Some clients want storage, some want storm protection, and some want living and storage. G.U.S. will design your unit or multiple units to fit your needs, including bathroom facilities, galley kitchens, air scrubbers, battery backups, medical rooms, fresh water tanks, and more. They also supply bare bone units in kit form for the individual who wants to reduce money spent or deliver luxury models fully stocked with food and supplies of your choosing.

G.U.S also offers a number of unique courses which test each individuals comfort zone and state of mind while subjected to a mock doomsday catastrophe. They  offer customized training courses along with their standard  8-hr., 24 hr., and 3-5 day courses, each with different amenities and random shelter failures allowing the true experience in owning and taking refuge in an authentic underground shelter. For anyone curious as to what it is really like to own and live in a bunker/shelter, this is a must-do experience (pricing and experience vary per amenities, shelter site and geographical location).

Global Cannery

Several educational institutions and field studies show that Americans, in general, are drastically under-prepared for a large-scale emergency, and it’s crucial to think about several elements in actually preparing for an emergency. Underground shelters are a major investment, both in money and in emotion.

Global Underground Shelters is also proud to announce their new  Dry Food Cannery for long term food storage called  Global Cannery. Opened  April 1st 2014, Global Cannery, a division of G.U.S., offers state of the art canning equipment and all the supplies you need to seal food and valuables the right way. They offer fully-automated sealing equipment and a wide variety of heat-sealed Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and food grade buckets for your large storage needs. Reserve your time in the cannery by the hour or day and purchase only the supplies you need. Global Cannery schedules weekly canning sessions which include oats, wheat, rice, dried milk, beans and a large assortment  of other food products for you and your family.


Prepper’s- Depot, another division of G.U.S., opens  April 18th 2014 and will provide a full line of standard and more unique survival and prepper supplies in a retail store application.  After extensive renovations, the official Global Underground Shelters store will also re-open its doors on April 29th, 2014 completing  it’s new concept  and dream, supplying  prepper/survival  needs  all under one roof.

Visit the Global Underground Shelters website and check out their Facebook page. G.U.S. builds a quality product that will protect you and your family for many years.



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