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Great Lakes Bushcraft to speak at GLEPE

20 March


We are proud to announce that Great Lakes Bushcraft, a leading provider of outdoor skills and supplies based out of eastern Michigan, will be speaking at the Great Lakes Preparedness Expo this October.

Great Lakes Bushcraft’s knowledge and expertise is expressed in their mission statement:

At Great Lakes Bushcraft we teach outdoor living skills in a way that is simple and fun to learn, by instructors who have used these skills in the outdoors, we provide hands on practice and work with each student as they’re skills progress from the basics to advanced.

Instructors exhibit and promote outdoor safety and preparedness, and offer first-hand expertise for tackling outdoor environments.  For GLEPE, GLB owner/founder Jeff Kindy and his team will offer demonstrations and seminars for the following topics:

  • Survival’s Base 5 – What priorities should you have in a survival situation.
  • Basic Kit Theory – What to carry with you at ­all times and why. What no Bug-Out Bag should be without!

Additionally, Jeff is planning to offer  a children’s seminar on Stay Found!, which will cover a basic kit kids should always have on them, and what to do if they ever get lost.glb_logo_small

The inspiration for Great Lakes Bushcraft lies on the foundation of the terminology itself, which Jeff has personally used and refined over his lifetime. As stated on the GLB website, “Bushcraft is a form of wood’s craft, survival and primitive skills. The term “bush craft” comes from Europe where the woods are referred to as the “bush”. The tasks that a hunter or outdoors person performs are referred to as “crafts”.

As Jeff puts it, “I want to share the knowledge that I have gleaned from so many different folks I can’t count. I want to share what I have learned with new generations. I want to teach the youth the importance of good morals and the value of life. I want to be the best man, father and husband that God wants me to be.”

For more information on Bushcraft Philosophy and Great Lakes Bushcraft, visit their website at or on Facebook.

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