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Industry Leader Rothco Sponsoring GLEPE

21 June

rothco_logoThe Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is proud to announce a new sponsorship collaboration with New York-based Rothco, the world’s foremost supplier of military and outdoor clothing and accessories!

Rothco brings a new avenue of options for survivalists and emergency preppers with their extensive line of products geared towards this demographic, including knives, packs, survival kits, canteens, boots, lanterns, and much more! Their expertise in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing these products is a substantial addition to GLEPE, and will be sure to benefit exhibitors and attendees at the show in October.

For military surplus stores, outdoor suppliers, and devoted survivalists, Rothco gear is quality constructed to withstand a number of conditions and events during a natural disaster or emergency situation. The established Rothco brand is a great, reliable source for product lines for a mixture of industries and retailers across the globe.

For GLEPE, the new affiliation with Rothco opens doors to new opportunities for exhibitors to expose themselves to fresh consumer markets for their store. They can also observe which products are most preferred and chosen by buyers from the survival and preparedness demographic.

Established in 1953, Rothco has provided military clothing, outdoor and public safety retail establishments with top quality merchandise and the superior customer service. Their combat-tested products currently supply over 9,000 Wholesale Army Navy, Uniform, Apparel, Outdoor & Survival, Promotions, Tactical, Screen Printers and Government suppliers, worldwide.

rothco survival products

For more information on Rothco’s line of prepper gear, visit their Survival & Readiness Facebook Page, and for an in-depth look at Rothco at a whole, visit their website at

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is sure to be your source for products, demonstrations, knowledge, skills and services that can help you survive during a natural disaster, tornado, severe storm, flood, social unrest, or any other form of emergency where you’re left fending for yourself. The show is free to the public and stocked with tons of great speakers, exhibitors and organizations to show you how to be prepared!

There are still exhibitor booths and tables open for the Expo, so if you own a business relating to the concept of Preparedness or Survival, or if you have a passion for knowing what it takes to self-sustain in the event of a disaster or crisis, give us a call to reserve your spot at GLEPE. The number is (800) 880-2485.

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