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Introducing Thrive Life MidMichigan to GLEPE

20 September

Thrive Life MidMichigan is coming to the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo! We are happy to include

Being prepared for an emergency or disaster situation isn’t easy. There is so much that needs to be accomplished. You need to consider safe shelter, food storage, emergency water supplies, and well, so much more. What if there was a company that made it easy and affordable to get together everything you needed?

There is such a company – Thrive Life. Thrive Life has been helping people with food storage for many years. They truly have food storage down to a science. They have tools online that calculate how much food you need for a single person or a whole family. They have food rotation systems so that you can store what you need and use what you store. When you use some of your storage, and rotate in new items, you keep your food from expiring which would be a huge waste of money. On top of that, Thrive Life offers quality food that you will want to eat every day.

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Another thing Thrive Life offers is flexibility is purchasing your food storage items. You can get a year supply all at once or you can purchase your supply over time using The Q. The Thrive Q is an auto ship program. Through the Q you don’t have to spend any additional dollars on food storage, you can just shift part of your food budget over to purchasing Thrive products and build your food supply over time.

Food waste is a huge problem. How much old produce do you throw away? Rotten tomatoes, slimy mushrooms and more, get thrown away from refrigerators every day. That is a true waste of money. Thrive Life offers the highest quality freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats that have a 20 year shelf life unopened and most keep for a year after they are opened. This gives you plenty of time to use opened foods so there is zero waste with your Thrive Life foods.

Thrive Life has a ton of resources online to help you prepare and cook your food storage items. They have chefs prepare recipes and they have their own cookbook so you can really get excited about using these products. They don’t need to just sit on a shelf. Besides, when an emergency does come, you will already know how to use the products because you can use them every day.

Along with food storage and food rotation systems, Thrive Life offers many emergency products including outdoor camping products, water filtration and storage, emergency kits and more.

You can see the MidMichigan Thrive Life website for the complete product line up at:

Don’t forget, there is still space available at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo, so give us a call at (800) 880-2485 or send us an inquiry HERE for more information on joining the extensive list of companies, organizations, and experts who’ll be catering to the expected number of nearly 1,000 attendees at the show!

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