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Latest Arrival at GLEPE: Delta College

09 October

Delta College is going to be exhibiting at GLEPE with their variety of programs, courses, and educational and professional development options. At the Expo, Delta College will be highlighting a few of their most premier programs, focusing on the best in affordable, dynamic career programs and course topics. Delta is known for exemplary programs, technological innovation, community leadership, and graduates who make a difference.

Delta College’s roster of programs offer students a range of possibilities in the fields of business, health care, scientific research, computer science, management, skilled trades, and a threshold of programs and careers associated with the concept and specific to emergency preparedness.

The selection of courses relating to alternative energy, such as working with wind turbines, solar panels, and other applied science specializations, connects an aspect of preparedness that many of the general public can easily overlook, and that is our national reliance on electricity.

Finding other options for power that we use on a regular basis is an important consideration for viewing a world without electricity or natural gas, two of our most relied-upon resources. These programs help the general public consider their reliance on these and open themselves to becoming more self-reliant and knowledgeable about a life after a disaster or serious lack of resource power.

delta college difference

The following is a statement from the school’s website, marketing the college’s academic opportunities and proven professionalism:

“Whether you’re here to fulfill your general education requirements before transferring or to quickly train for a new career, we take your plans very seriously and strive to provide the knowledge and individualized support needed to reach them.

Take a look and discover for yourself why students of all ages, backgrounds and means choose a Delta College education to help them on their journey to success. Delta graduates are everywhere. Nurses, teachers, police officers, skilled trade professionals, business leaders – people just like you – who came to Delta with a dream to succeed in life.”

For an in-depth look at the college and the many academic programs they offer, visit their official website at

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