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MI Survival exhbiting at GLEPE

11 October

mi_survivalMI Survival has joined our growing list of show exhibitors at GLEPE. Locally-owned and operated in northern Michigan, MI Survival sells compiled survival and preparedness supplies throughout the United States, and has extended expertise on the products and knowledge you’ll need to withstand disasters and become self-reliant in the case of an emergency.

As Michigan’s premier source for emergency gear, MI Survival has carefully developed bug out bags and preparedness kits with all the essentials you’ll need when facing times of distress or immediate evacuation.

The company offers 3-day survival kits, “Zombie Apocalypse” kits, emergency resource kits, and plenty of a la carte products to build your own bug out bag.

The MI Survival 72-hour/3-day emergency survival bag, priced at a discounted price at the GLEPE show, contains many of the essential components in emergency preparedness, including matches, drinking water, food rations, first aid, multi-tool, glow sticks, blanket, flashlight, and much more.

Their “Zombie Apocalypse” kit contains much of the gear and supplies mentioned in the survival bag, but with more of an emphasis on the extreme side of things. We naturally find ourselves contemplating, “what would happen if the world was ending today? What would I need?” This “Apocalypse” kit helps to answer that question.

On top of these two packages, the company also provides a deep selection of low-cost a la carte emergency supplies, primarily designated to be used in the event of an emergency. Much of their inventory will be on display at the Expo and will benefit an assortment of survival arrangements, from beginner to expert.

To learn more about the products and expertise that MI Survival has to offer, visit their website at


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