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New GLEPE Exhibitor: Martial Tactical Training of Michigan

17 September

We are proud to announce the addition of Martial Tactical Training of Michigan to the GLEPE Exhibitor’s list! MTTM brings a very viable skill set to the show, providing attendees with some of the best in martial arts training instructors in the Midwest, who offer a variety of styles and methods towards protecting yourself and your loved ones in the event of a disaster that leaves you stranded. Survival concepts are often built upon the ability to persevere and withstand drastic situations, and MTTM is an excellent supplement to the Expo in providing useful, realistic skills that will help you in these scenarios.

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Here’s a statement from the program itself:

Martial Tactical Training of Michigan is a personal protection and emergency preparedness training provider. All of our curriculum is based in reality and developed with the real-world end use in mind. We have training offerings in the full spectrum of use of force continuum. From personal awareness to physical force, to force on force instruction, MTTM keeps the consequences in mind when developing and instructing training sessions.

Personal Protection Training

Our training is seminar based. If people had the time, they would already be enrolled in an ongoing training program. MTTM distills the training for personal protection into the necessary fundamentals, without the extraneous components of stylized martial arts. Commercially, poor programs run by martial charlatans have left the martial ‘arts’ completely discredited. When a ‘dojo’ advertises self defense, then has you training in nunchaku or sai, they are not living up to their obligation as a protection training provider. This is not to say those studies are worthless, but those weapons are archaic and in most states, illegal. If personal protection is the goal, more immediately applicable training should be sought.

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This is where MTTM comes in. MTTM instructors use traditional studies as a basis for training and understanding, then filter out that which is not needed, allowing an effective curriculum where the fundamentals can be instilled in only a few hours of practice. MTTM uses the US Martial Tactical Association’s personal protection curriculum to instill trainees with the will to survive, the determination to act, immediate effectiveness, and immediate proficiency.

The will to survive and determination to act are the mental hurdles in place that may cause hesitation when protection is needed. Both of these are overcome with one simple concept: familiarity. By training in a reality driven environment with appropriate targets and optimized curriculum, the trainees are instilled with the familiarity of an altercation. Anxiety is induced to induce stress, but in a safe and controlled manner. Because the trainee becomes familiar with some of the parameters of an actual altercation, he becomes more likely to act when the need arises.

Immediate effectiveness and immediate proficiency is achieved because the core fundamentals trained are simple. We use common, everyday movements that the trainee has done millions of times in life and ‘repurpose’ it to martial effectiveness. There is no sense in taking months to overwrite already familiar movement with alien postures and patterns when there is complete effectiveness in already known movement.

Likewise, we instruct weapons such as the tactical pen, tactical flashlight, folded knife, and other small objects common in modern world, everyday carry. Learning just one of these weapons allows transference of technique into all the others, as well as empty hand application. MTTM trainees learn to go from weapon to weapon to empty hand instantaneously.

Emergency Preparedness Training

We have taken the same approach used in our personal protection offerings and applied to to our emergency preparedness curriculum. Using actual risk analysis methodologies in reality based scenarios, trainees are not only educated on an emergency preparedness mindset, but more importantly on the critical thinking processes necessary to instill mental adaptability and resource versatility.

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There are hundreds and thousands of ‘bug out bag’ authors, with Google search pages full of inventories. In reality, when does ‘bugging out’ even take place? A vast majority of emergencies allows shelter at home or getting to the home to endure the threat. Still, packs full of machetes and hand axes pervade the internet. Of these, less than 1% are truly useful in a real emergency a family is likely to face. The compilers of these lists have likely never carried these kits on their backs, or ascertained the relevance of each item in the kit. Still, these lists are posted and people dutifully combine lists into master emergency lists that are hopelessly immovable and irrelevant.

At MTTM, we take a risk analysis approach to emergencies, evaluating actual scenarios and scaling their severity. From this approach, real actions, real contingencies, and real inventories are developed to help the family in real situations. Not just hypothetical situations, the critical thinking approach to evaluating risk is instilled so each trainee can evaluate their own situation and their emergency preparations are customized to their needs.

The same training methodology is used in our basic Home-based Emergency Preparedness training offering as well as our upcoming Mobility-intent Emergency Preparedness curriculum. The Home-based training allows for threat mitigation for a majority of emergency situations, while the Mobility-intent training covers the remaining scenarios. Whether stuck home or forced to leave it, your kit developed through the skills instilled in MTTM training will help mitigate the threat, without the stuff of prepper fantasy weighing you down.

For more information on Martial Tactical Training of Michigan, be sure to visit them at the Expo and check out their website at Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the Expo on October 19!

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  1. Joel August 18, 2016 at 12:36 pm #


    This looks interesting to me and as a prepper I think I should learn more and def take a course on this. Will keep in touch and probably get in contact with you guys soon, thank you!


  2. Andrew Miller June 27, 2017 at 12:36 pm #

    I would like to do this too because I want to learn how to defend myself against zombies.

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