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New speaker at GLEPE: Rainbow’s End Farm

25 March


The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is pleased to announce another engaging and  speaker: Gwen Kato, founder and operator of Rainbow’s End Farm of Fowlerville, MI. Gwen’s  farm experience over the years provides an interesting topic that uniquely parallels the conceptual ideals of preparedness.

At the Expo, Kato will be delivering two presentations, demons­trating her background in the art of farming and food preservation. The first presentation, “Fermenting & Preserving Naturally,” addresses the importance of being able to preserve the foods we’ve grown in ways that enhance their health benefits for us. She will review the history of fermented foods and why we still need them in our lives today for good health. Making Kombucha  (an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea), dehydrating foods, canning are topics for presentation. The object is to learn a bit of history and taste a bit of health!

For her second presentation, “Essential Oils For First Aid,” Kato will provide insight as to how essential oils can help you create a versatile natural first aid kit. Every home should have three fully stocked first aid kits: one each in the kitchen, bathroom, and car. In the event of an emergency, having all the items you need close at hand can make a big difference. This discussion will help you create a first aid kit for burns, pain, cuts, and offer basic instructions on how to use them as needed.


Rainbow’s End Farm, established in 2004, provides visitors with opportunities to pick berries, purchase all-natural homemade food and drinks, attend films and events, and provides a truly authentic, enjoyable country experience. The farm has a number of animals, activities, and attractions to farm goers of all ages,

For additional information on Rainbow’s End Farm, visit their website and Twitter feed. We are happy to have Gwen and Rainbow’s End Farm as a part of the GLEPE roster!

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