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Nothing But Nature Farm will Speak at GLEPE

04 February

We are proud to welcome Diana of Nothing but Nature Farm, who will be speaking on the benefits of naturally-grown foods and medicines, and educating attendees on processes and methods to establish their own self-reliance methods at this April’s Great Lakes Emergency Preparednesss Expo.

Situated in Southwest Michigan, Diana is a homesteader, prepper and survivalist specializing in growing vegetables and raising animals for food. She also develops herbs and minerals as medicine and instructs others on their benefits and application.

During the course of the show, Diana will be speaking on the many disasters we must prepare for and make ourselves aware of, including the potential damage and accidents caused by disasters like ecomomic collapse, drought, flooding, earthquakes, and even nuclear attacks. She will go into vivid detail of real events that had displaced and put large numbers of people in danger.


Of the more pertinent threats, like significant temperature shifts and economic hardship, Diana posts the argument that if you’re not preparing now at even a basic level, you are setting the stage for failure. Preparedness is not just a buzzword; it’s a way to exert minimal effort to prevent you and your family from dire consequences. There’s no harm in preparing for the worst.

Through Nothing but Nature Farm, Diana has spent years developing effective methods for growing heirloom vegetables and creating natural medicines that are self-sustainable and applicable to disaster scenarios. Even simple crops like corn and potatoes have deeper significance and resourcefulness within the realm of true emergency preparedness.

She will also be selling self-reliance resources, such as vegetable transplants and gardening books, to those attendees that are especially interested in expanding their own growing and self-reliance capabilities.

Due to the President’s Executive Order 13603, all references to Nothing but Nature Farm have been removed from the internet. That particular executive order allows all farms and everything on them (farm equipment, animals, feed, etc.) to become the property of the government in times of war. Being aware of these laws and regulations is also an important consideration when evaluating levels of emergency preparedness.

We are proud to welcome the vast knowledge and experience of Diana and Nothing but Nature Farm. If you are interested in listening to an expert on true, effective emergency preparedness, come to the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo and listen to her speak on these topics with passion and diligence.

We are lucky to have her join our respected roster or speakers and exhibitors at the show and welcome you to join us on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at the Birch Run Expo Center for all of your emergency preparedness and self-reliance needs!

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