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Old-fashioned product provider Lehman’s a GLEPE contributor

29 April

We would like to take the opportunity to thank one of our fantastic contributors to the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo. So here’s a huge thank you to Lehman’s, national distributor and retailer of old-fashioned products and foods.

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Lehman’s generously provided some of their signature gift packages to be raffle prizes at the Expo, including two Lehman’s homemade jam sampler sets, a candies gift set, and a couple bottles of Old Carolina Screamin’ Beaver Barbeque Sauce. These are just some of the delicious food products that Lehman’s offers, on top of the thousands of others that have established their business over the past 50+ years.


Jay Lehman, founder, owner, and operator of Lehman’s

The story behind Lehman’s  is quite the journey, rising up from a small town hardware store catering to Ohio’s Amish community, to becoming one of the largest retailers of old-time, non-electric antique goods and consumables.  Jay Lehman founded the store in 1955; his vision was to preserve the past for future generations. “I was concerned that some day the Amish would not be able to maintain their simple ways of life because these products would no longer be available,” he said. His goal was, and still is, to provide authentic, historical products to those seeking a simpler life.

Because Jay had the foresight to look to the past for his business, he turned a one-room country hardware store into a low tech superstore, contrasting the boom of cars, radio, television, and other pop culture phenomena of the 1950s. It was in this climate that Jay decided to carry products that his Amish customers needed to preserve their way of life. He thought, rightly so, that one day no one would be making butter churns, apple peelers and drying racks. So, he was going to craft, stock and sell these generation-spanning products.

LehmansPaint_lowresDecades later, the appeal of a simpler life and nostalgia for the “good ol’ days” has help Lehman’s expand to a worldwide leader in the industry. The Lehman’s fully-functional eCommerce website and thick, detailed printed product catalog bring unique, innovative products, appealing to customers of all demographics and ages.

Think of it from a prepper’s standpoint; in an environment with no electricity, and self-sustenance and know-how are your only hope for survival, the products offered by Lehman’s are ideal, from lanterns to hand tools and even farming resources. For a closer look at what Lehman’s has to offer, check them out at

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