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Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association to speak at GLEPE

19 April

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We have a new presenter for Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo! Members of the Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association will be presenting seminars on why Amateur Radio or Ham Radio should be part of every well-prepared persons inventory.

SVARA is an ARRL-affiliated club with years of experience in the fields of radio communication. SVARA members collaborate with operators, installers, and many with Ham radio community to educate those interested in the products and services they offer to the listening public.

SVARA members will be discussing such topics as: How to obtain your FCC License, the various modes of operation, equipment and technology, public service, weather spotting and emergency communications.   The club will also have their communications trailer on site, demonstrating actual contacts being made to other Hams worldwide.

When you actually place yourself into an emergency scenario, it almost goes without saying that communication is of countless importance, right there with food, water, and shelter. Radio has proven to be the most effective, widespread, long-lasting mode of communication over the past decades. Witnessing the power and capabilities of this radio equipment will prove to be a valuable experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

For more information on the Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association, visit them at their website.


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