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The GLEPE Speaker Schedule for October 4

26 September

We are happy to announce our speaker lineup for our upcoming GLEPE show on October 4. We hope to see you there!

GLEPE Speaker Schedule – October 2014

9:00am – 9:30am: The Blade Runner: The Blade Runner will cover everything you need to know about choosing and using the right knives and tools for a variety of survival situations.

9:40am – 10:10am: Martial Tactical Training of Michigan: MTTM offers self-defense and in-home emergency preparedness training to ensure that you are capable of protecting yourself and your loved ones.

10:20am – 10:50am: Intro to Prepping w/ Chris B: An essential guide to the resources and knowledge you will need to truly prepare for the worst case scenario. Learn how to prepare for the worst and connect with preparedness experts within the Michigan Prepper’s network.

11:00am – 11:30am: Live Free USA w/ Jim Jones: This presentation focuses on the psychological and physiological aspects of responding to high stress situations. Understanding and managing how the body and mind respond to disasters is more critical than knowledge and equipment. The ten principles discussed are applicable to immediate disasters, long-term survival challenges as well as every-day life. These principles are derived from Mr. Jones’ 40-years of studying why people survive and 40-years of professional safety management.

11:40am – 12:10pm: Fowler’s Home on the Range: David Fowler is the owner and operator of Fowler’s Home on the Range. With over 35 years law enforcement experience he is NRA certified to teach several Firearm Safety Training programs. Learn what goes into obtaining a CPL/CCW and why knowledge is your absolute first line of defense.

12:20pm – 12:50pm: NOAA/National Weather Service: Who is the National Weather Service? What do they do? NWS will discuss the tools used in weather forecasting, weather safety, products and resources. Learn what goes into preparing for bad weather and natural disasters.

1:00pm – 1:30pm: Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association: SVARA introduces the power and versatility of HAM radio equipment for public service, weather announcements and emergency communication.

1:40pm – 2:10pm: Michigan Prepares: This presentation introduces the Michigan Office of Public Health Preparedness and outlines their role in emergency preparedness and response in Michigan.

2:20pm – 2:50pm: U.S. Coast Guard: Stationed on the Saginaw River in Bay County, the U.S. Coast Guard’s mission is to protect the coastal community through maritime safety, stewardship and security. Learn about their work with natural disasters and emergency scenarios, like water & ice rescues, flooding and states of emergency.

During the show, there will also be numerous demonstrations at a second stage every half hour. These will focus on the preparedness knowledge and products that our exhibitors are offering to our attendees. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements about our speakers and demonstrators.

We look forward to seeing you at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo one week from today!

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