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Survival Quarterly Magazine and Hoods Woods Coming to GLEPE

19 October

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is proud to welcome and Survival Quarterly magazine to the Expo! Representing a large media outlet within survival communities across the globe, we are excited to bring a league of devoted, experienced, articulate knowledge and documented travels to the show.

Editor in Chief Karen Hood, owner and operator of and, has years of active and insider experience for facing outdoor environments. With her husband, the late Ron Hood, a legend in expeditionary skills teaching and practice, Karen has documented and promoted the ideals of being self-reliant, and the valuable skills associating with adventuring and exploring the great beyond.

Both websites and the Survival Quarterly Publication are loaded with tried-and-true tactics and knowledge to help you prepare for a world where you are all on your own, and you have to rely on your instincts, common sense, and skills to persevere.

For the Expo, Survival Quarterly will provide copies of the magazine to attendees, offering some of well-crafted articles and tips from the world’s renowned journalists, writers, and travelers. Previous issues can be purchased in digital format HERE.

Ron and Karen Hood have both been featured on numerous documentaries and television specials showcasing their life’s work, and for GLEPE, this is an enormous contribution for exhibitors to further their understanding of legitimate, world-renowned survival knowledge. Coupled with the complete roster of exhibitors, speakers and personalities with ties to what it means to be prepared and capable in the event of an emergency or survival situation, attendees will learn from the best.

To learn more about Hoods Woods and Survival Quarterly, visit their websites and be sure to visit us tomorrow for a first-hand look at the best in emergency preparedness. Hope to see you there!


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