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Click It Hot Packs is Coming Back to GLEPE

24 January


As a proprietor of instant hot and cold packs, Click It Hot Packs provides an all-natural product that requires no electricity and creates a heat source wherever you go. These heat packs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and uses that apply well to a number of scenarios without shelter or power.

They offer a neck & shoulder pack, back & abdomen pack, knee & joint pack, and hand warmers. Each product has a definitive use and provides instant relief and heat for all of these extremities and more.

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Click It Hot Packs are actually very simple and innovative in their function. How they work boils down to the chemical reaction of the liquid inside; just squeeze the metal coin inside the hot pack until you hear a click, at which time the liquid will begin to crystallize and heat up to 130 degrees.

The liquid inside is sodium acetate, which is a compound made from vinegar,  baking soda and water. Click It Hot Packs are environmentally-safe and non-toxic, and are also manufactured with DPA-free plastic, making them FDA-approved.

The packs can also be used for cold temperature applications as well. By placing the pack in the refrigerator (not the freezer), the packs can be used to numb the affected area and treat sore joints and sprains. The packs can be reheated by boiling them in non-stick pot or crock pot to melt the crystals back to their original liquid state.

Click It Hot Packs are an excellent consideration for outdoor activities and chronic injuries, and since they require no electricity to produce heat, can make a great heat solution for loss of power or natural disasters for a short period of time.

We are proud to welcome Click It Hot Packs back to the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo. For more information, visit their website at Please visit them at table #613 for a first-hand look at the innovation and creative uses that these hot and cold packs have to offer at the Expo!


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