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Full GLEPE Speaker Schedule for April 1st

31 March

Join us at the Summit Sports Complex in Dimondale from 9-5.
Spend the day with our guest speakers and avoid the rain and floods.
Check out a full list of our presentations below.

10:00   Self-care vs. Healthcare (Dependent-care)
Presented by Chriss with Great Lakes Self Reliance. 
 Life is all about the choices we make.  One choice is:  is to focus on your own Self Care instead of relying on Healthcare.  Choosing to be Dependent often causes one to be a victim of those they rely on. Take your chances or take control of your life.   Do you focus on Self Care or rely on Health Care?  This is not a yes or no question, but a continuum.  Nearly everyone is both, but now discover ways in which you can focus more on your Self Care , why, and how… so that you won’t be the next victim!

10:45     Everyday Carry of Firearms
Presented by: Michigan Firearms Professional Staff
You’ve got Options
•    Types of Carry – Benefits & Drawbacks
•    Gun Fit
•    Training Necessities
•    Optional Accessories

11:30     Don’t Relax Because the Election is Over
Presented by Kaz from Kaz Vs Wild 
The threats are still out there. Historically around elections people begin to ramp up their preps. Then afterward the side that “won” tends to relax. Don’t get lazy if your candidate won. Emergencies happen every day and we need to always prepare. 

12:15     Safe & Proper Food Storage
Presented by Joyce McGarry MS, MSU Food Safety Educator
I have worked in the area of consumer food safety education for 19 years with MSU Extension.  We offer consumer hotline information for emergency food safety questions.  I am a delegate for the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) that is a national network of land grant colleges that work with local agencies to provide education for all types of emergency situations and disasters.

1:00     Survival Stuff
Presented by James Jones of Live Free USA
This program is a show-and-tell presentation based on 45-years of experience in packing and repacking survival packs and home emergency kits.  The presentation covers important items often left-out of the survival pack.  New products that can advance your survival capacity.  Techniques and improvised items developed from Live Free’s programs.  Special attention is given to what you should have in your pockets and in your bedside drawer to respond to unexpected events.

1:45     Hands on CPR Demonstration
Presented by Gale with The Beat Must Go On
Interactive CPR Demonstration.  Experts will show will help show you how assess if somebody needs CPR. They will how to do hands only CPR and then CPR for children and infants.

2:30     Prepping on a Budget
Presented by “Granny Prep” CERT Emergency Preparedness Educator
Prepping doesn’t have to be expensive. I will show you how to put together a good kit using items purchased at dollar and discount stores. It’s one thing to read about how to put a kit together, it’s another to have someone show you and answer your questions. If you have little or no knowledge of preparing for an emergency you need this presentation.  If you are seasoned in preparedness you might remember something you forgot.  

3:15     Health Benefits of Essential Oils
Presented by Erica Stein of doTERRA
A discussion of the medicinal and practical uses of DoTerra Essential Oils in an Emergency or Survival Situations. Essential Oils can make a great addition to your kit for alternative healing options. 

4:00     The Importance of Proper Firearms Training
Presented by: Michigan Firearms Professional Staff

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