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Full GLEPE Speaker Schedule for May 6th

04 May

Join us at the Porter County Expo Center in Valparaiso from 9-5.
Spend the day with our guest speakers and avoid the rain and floods.
Check out a full list of our presentations below.

10:00 Don’t Relax Because the Election is Over
Presented by Kaz from Kaz Vs Wild
The threats are still out there. Historically around elections people begin to ramp up their preps. Then afterward the side that “won” tends to relax. Don’t get lazy if your candidate won. Emergencies happen every day and we need to always prepare

11:00 The 5 C’s of Survival
Presented by Larry Chisausky
The 5 C’s Survival” presentation covers the basics of essential needs of every survival situation. What you must have to stay hydrated, warm, dry, nourished and safe under emergency conditions.

12:00 Man Made Environmental Disasters
Presented by Joe Bolenbaugh
John Bolenbaugh is a Navy Veteran with a Bronze Star. He was a supervisor for the largest inland oil spill in United States history. John saw a massive cover up and did something about it. John has had many attempts on his life and has been on NPR, Huffington post, C-span and hundreds more. John was recently asked to speak at the United Nations. Please come watch a trailer of John’s film that has made grown men cry. Help John Keep our water Clean for all hunters and fisherman. And most of all for your children and grandchildren.

1:00 The First 72-Hours
Presented by James C. Jones of Live Free USA
“The First 72-Hours” provides important tips on how to react in the first minutes that an emergency occurs and then goes through the first hours, and days as a disaster develops. How to get from denial to action faster and do the right things to survive.

2:00 Prepping on a Budget
Presented by “Granny Prep” CERT Emergency Preparedness Educator
Prepping doesn’t have to be expensive. I will show you how to put together a good kit using items purchased at dollar and discount stores. It’s one thing to read about how to put a kit together, it’s another to have someone show you and answer your questions. If you have little or no knowledge of preparing for an emergency you need this presentation. If you are seasoned in preparedness you might remember something you forgot.

3:00 Outdoor Survival Skills

Presented by Todd Hemmerling
“Outdoor Survival Techniques” covers a variety of fast and practical outdoor survival skill and hacks presented by an experienced survival instructor.

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