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GLEPE Dimondale Speakers

17 February

Great Lakes Preparedness Expo

Here at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo we know that knowledge and skills can go a lot farther than any supplies. Therefore we are proud to announce some of our guest speakers at the Summit Sports & Ice Complex in Dimondale, MI.

Don't stop prepping now that the election is over!

Don’t Stop Prepping Now That the Election is Over

Now that the election is over, is it time to stop prepping and sit back? Of course not! Join Kaz, preparedness and bushcraft expert, as he talks about why it is important to continue to learn, educate yourself, and hone your skills in preparedness and survival even today, no matter who you voted for. Learn more about Kaz and the skills he offers on his website, Kaz vs. Wild.

Self-Care vs Healthcare

Self-Care vs Healthcare

How does self-care differ from health care? How can you prepare yourself for better health before you need healthcare. Explore and discuss a more holistic notion of self-care, from fitness to healthy living, eating, and alternative medicine with Chriss B from Great Lakes Self Reliance. Learn how to survive when times are tough, by preparing your health now.

Prepping on a Budget

Prepping on a Budget

Prepping can be rough when you have limited funds to work from. Join Granny Prep to learn how to get started, or to further your emergency preparedness, while operating from a budget. You don’t need limitless cash to make sure you’re ready when an emergency strikes. Drop by the discussion to learn how to make that dollar stretch!

CPR Demonstration

Hands-on CPR Demonstration

Do you know CPR? Take part in a hands-on CPR demonstration, presented by Gail Knight from “The Beat Goes On.” CPR compressions are one of the fundamentals of first-aid when the heart stops or someone is no longer breathing, and it’s a skill that everyone should learn. Join in to understand the importance and the basics.

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